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Entry #14


2009-04-17 19:31:57 by SorryItsAShortFlash



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2009-04-23 20:01:21

You'll never make it. Too daunting of a task for a n00b.


2009-04-23 20:14:22

Sorry, but I kinda sounded like a dick there. I've been doing flash for two years and I still haven't gotten good enough for front page. I've tried that code from theshyguy and it really works, but to be honest, you might end up not doing anything with it.

I mean that as a well-wishing warning. Being big on Newgrounds is hard work and you really have to know your audience. I still don't fully realize the wants and needs of the Newgrounds audience.

Maybe you'll be good and maybe you'll be bad, but above all things you can strive for it.

Just remember, shortcuts are just a faster way of reaching failure.


2009-05-09 01:53:03

Actually, I've changed my mind.

Fuck you.


2009-05-11 16:17:42

Your shorts suck :D