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2008-07-06 11:38:56 by SorryItsAShortFlash

Tonight i will submit my !!1 month!! sequel to my game "find the exit" it will include 8 new levels, a small minigame in the title, and chuck norris, a screenshot taster is below

;) enjoy!



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2008-07-06 23:04:30

Lol so.. I was checking my review and I realized you replied to one where I gave your find the exit thing a 0.. I just meant to give it no rating and point something out.. I enjoyed your game.. my bad. :D

SorryItsAShortFlash responds:

Dont worry my friend, im glad it was a misunderstanding, not some strange non reasoned attempt to hurt me ;)


2008-07-09 23:31:44

Chuck Norris Don't need no Glove. And Never forget: If you don't capitalize his Name's he'll Punch you in the Face. (I Know From experience...)


2008-07-18 21:29:08

and u think chuck noris is hot, why?